Northstar Hardwood Floors

It's our privilege to offer you a selection of lovely, water-based finishes that are all environmentally friendly and sound.


Our green finishes are truly beautiful, durable, and also affordable. Your hardwood floors and your home improvements are going to look amazing.

Once your new floors have been installed, you're going to fall in love with the immediate elements of warmth and comfort that give your space a new sense of completeness. Our team is going to deliver the floors right from your dreams.


You need to be able to depend on the team you choose for your hardwood flooring installation. When you work with the craftsmen at Northstar Hardwood Floors, you've put the fate of your floors in the hands of the experts who always put your needs first.

Discover professional hardwood installation

Your flooring choices complete your home

FREE estimates and a 1-year WARRANTY.


Get environmentally friendly finishes

 •  Professional installation

 •  Full service care

 •  Dust containment system

 •  Affordable care

 •  Eco-friendly finishes

 •  1-year WARRANTY on all work

 •  FREE estimates

 •  Licensed and fully insured

Let the pros handle your installation with: